From Meeting Matters to Community Matters

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Often the best things in life, are not things.

We enjoy meeting each other and creating a

unique experience to look back on.

We have shared five memorable editions of “Meeting Matters” and it’s always a pleasure to see you.

And we will enjoy meeting in person once again…

For now, we have planned our next live edition to take place on 21 st June 2021.


To keep the “buzz” going, we would like to offer you

a kind gesture sent by post.

"Pay it forward" is a well-known expression and we decided to launch a “Plant it forward” action.

A world without bees would look very different and change our lives enormously. Plant it forward…...

By planting bee-friendly flowers, you too can do your part to help the bees and therefore the environment.

To nourish our community at the same time and keep relations growing, indicate your interest  here in countries/regions

for future get-togethers.

We will nurture your feedback & help grow your industry relations and our community

Make a buzz- Bee kind - Plant it forward

Community Matters-Meeting Matters

Marianne Hoogeveen -